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Lip Reduction in Delhi


Here, at MedSpa, we offer natural looking and permanent Lip Reduction. This procedure helps in reducing the lip size, which occurs due to oversized lips, over inflammation or due to unbalanced approach.

Our lip reduction surgery is a safe procedure. It helps you get a natural look and there’s no visible scarring. Many patients of lip reduction say that their life’s quality is greatly improved.

When you have protruding or large lips, the self-esteem is negatively affected; however, this surgery solves the problem. Having lips that are perfectly shaped and in line with other facial features guarantee facial balance and satisfying harmony.

Lip Reduction is a quick and normally, it takes just an hour. However, this depends on the extent to which lips need to be reduced or any other accompanying procedures. Local anesthesia is used and the lips are reduced to a smaller size. The surgeon will close it with sutures.

Within a few days, you will see that the swelling has resolved. The main candidates for lip reduction are candidates who have extremely big lips that go unmatched with facial features. Moreover, the patient should be in good health, mentally as well as physically. Realistic expectations must be possessed, so that there is no disappointment later on.

Many people like to harmonize the procedures with rhinoplasty or with facelift. Although there is minimum scarring or natural look, some bruising, swelling and numbness is expected and it’s completely normal.

Our surgeon will suggest cool compresses and oral medications to reduce the discomfort.

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