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Breast implants Maintenance – Things you should know

breast implants

Breast Augmentation, also known as Breast Implants, is the second most popular plastic surgery procedure in the United States. Eighty percent of the implants used are silicone and twenty percent are saline. Breast implants have helped women across all ages to improve their overall appearance, however, like several success stories; we do hear horror stories about implants gone wrong too. For majority of women, these implants just work fine. Here we bring to you the importance of breast implants maintenance.


Under what situations the breast implants should be replaced?


According to plastic surgeons, there are many reasons to replace implants. Saline implants need replacement if they deflate. The diagnosis for this is obvious however if you have any query, you should seek the advice of a cosmetic surgeon. If saline implants are remain intact, nothing has to be done. Capsular contracture – in this case, the scar tissue capsule that forms around the implants shrinks squeezing the implant making breasts hard –can happen with implants and will usually need surgery.


Older silicone implants have to be replaced for hardening or rupture. It is difficult to detect the rupture of a silicone implant, thus an MRI is done for determining the integrity of the shell. FDA recommends patients with a breast implant should start getting MRI studies nearly three years after the implantation.


What if there is nothing wrong with the implants? Is it still recommended to replace them after a few years?


The answer to this question is simple – if there is nothing wrong with the implants then leave them alone. There is no assurance that new replacement will not create a problem, so if it’s in good condition, do not mess with it.


Do different types of implants need replacement often than others?


It is important to know that saline implants would almost leak if they are in place for a long time. However, if the implant is intact, or there are no problems, there is no reason to change it unless desire such as desire for size change or issues like rippling occurs.

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Are women updates about implants maintenance?

These devices need low maintenance, however it is important for patients to monitor their breasts after surgery by visiting the surgeon regularly.


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