Beautiful Eyes Procedures India

Your eyes are the windows into your soul and you would like them to look their best. Certain cosmetic changes with make-up, thicker eyelashes, change in eye color or just getting rid of the glasses you have been wearing for years can make dramatic changes. Sometimes more intense treatments are required to get the look you want. You may find that even after a great night’s sleep, it is hard to feel alive, vibrant and youthful when you see those tried, drooping eyes, dark circles or crowsfeet looking back at you from the mirror. The eyes which you see look more tired and older than you feel inside. Certain cosmetic surgeries, such blepharoplasty or browlift along with non-surgical treatments such as Botox or Fillers, can help restore a more energetic and youthful appearance. The procedures can be done singularly or in combination. After an in-depth analysis, our doctor will be able to suggest the best procedure(s) for you.

Upper Blepharoplasty (Upper Eyelid Surgery) or Lower Blepharoplasty (Lower Eyelid Surgery)

Excess skin in the upper and lower eyelid gives a tired and sleepy look. The fat pad may slip downwards or bulge outwards with time. This procedure removes the excess skin to give a more youthful and alert look. The excess fat pad is also be removed during this procedure.

Browlift and Forehead lift

As we age, the browline begins to droop downwards covering the tops of our eyelids. This gives a chronic tired look to the eyes. A browlift lifts the sagging brow to give an alert, more youthful look. This is a minimally invasive procedure can also be combined with a forehead lift to remove lines and fatigued look on the forehead. A browlift can also be combined with a blepharoplasty procedure, to open up the entire eye area.

Brow Hair Transplantation

Due to trauma, burns or even genetics, eyebrows maybe non-existent which gives an unusual, abnormal look to the face. Hair transplant procedure can be performed on the browline. This will give a natural look to the brows.

Filler for Under Eye Circles

Under eye circles may be a chronic problem. This may be due to depletion of the lower eye fat pad, resulting in a hollowness which presents itself as under eye circles. Fillers can help with this problem. Different types of filler options are available, ie Restylane, Juvederm, Esthelis, etc .

Carboxytherapy for Under Eye Circles

Dark under-eye circles are believed to caused, at least in part, due to poor blood-flow to the region. By injecting a small amount of carbon dioxide gas into the area, we are “tricking” the body into increasing the oxygen flow to the area by compelling the red blood cells to pick up all of the excess CO2 that we injected so that it can be carried back to the lungs for elimination from the body with the next exhalation.

Peels for Pigmentation Problems

Pigmentation problems around the eyes may be due to genetics, hormonal changes (such as pregnancy), pollution or sun exposure. The result is new layers of skin to be exposed revealing a smoother, younger looking skin free of superficial blemishes and pigment problems allowing and a creating a fresh new appearance.

Botox® for Crows Feet

As time moves on, the initial signs of aging start to appear near our eyes. Wrinkle formation on the sides of the eyes appears, known as crows feet. We can retard the aging look with Botox treatments, by relaxing the muscles which form these wrinkles.

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