Gynecomastia Surgery in Delhi, India

Gynecomastia Surgery in Delhi

Every year, we come across many men who opt for the procedure of Male Breast Reduction. This is because; they wish to get rid of the condition termed “Gynecomastia”. Basically, there’s excess tissue around the breast area and around 1/3rd male population is affected due to it.

The issue can be resolved completely with the help of breast reduction surgery. Do you know why men opt for this gynecomastia surgery in Delhi? It is because;

  • For bringing about a change in the appearance
  • For enhancing confidence about tight clothes
  • For adding to the comfort when shirtless

Our surgeons has extensive amount of experience in gynecomastia surgery and all the concerns can be evaluated with great ease. When you have your consultation, he will examine everything and will then decide the extent. The root cause might be a lot; some factors include excessive steroid use, medications and weight change.

After the consultation is over, the male breast reduction surgery in India will be performed at an outpatient facility and general anesthesia would be used. The duration of this is around 1-2 hours. Liposuction will be done on the areas that are affected with excess fatty tissue. Glandular tissue is also excised to give a flat chest.

The scarring is minimal and is hardly visible. The location depends on the amount of loose skin that is present.

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