Brow Lift Surgery in Delhi, India

Brow lift, also known as “Forehead lift” is a cosmetic procedure that helps in giving a refreshed and a natural look above the eyes. Drooping brows are corrected and horizontal lines are improved to a great extent; usually, with these dropping brows, a person looks tired or sad.

Lateral hoods are improved as well. These hoods usually hang over the eyes’ outer corner. Our surgeons can also perform this procedure along with a facelift or blepharoplasty.

During the consultation, the facial structure will be examined, along with the muscle activity, hairline and the skin condition. After studying the facial expressions, our surgeon will determine as to which is the best method is. The 3 approaches are;

  • Open method
  • Browpexy
  • Endoscopic forehead lift

In Brow Lift, the surgeon will remove the tissues that are affected by drooping or by furrowing.

Depending on what the needs are, conventional surgical method might be used. In this, the incision is hidden below the hairline. An endoscope might be used for performing the procedure with minimal incision.

The results of all the techniques are similar i.e. animated appearance and smooth forehead skin. The only difference in the techniques is the length and placement of the incision.

The best candidates for this procedure are;

  • Patients who have brow sags which result in sad or tired expressions.
  • Hanging central brows.
  • Frown lines between eyes
  • Who wish to have elimination of excess skin; skin above the eyebrows is lifted and the position becomes pleasing.

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