Lip Augmentation Surgery in Delhi India

Lip Augmentation Surgery in Delhi

Sometimes, the lips might be aesthetically small both, owing to age or genetic issues. Other factors include UV rays, smoking as well as pollution. The lips’ youthful fullness might be affected and lines are formed on the lip region.

Lip Enhancement also known as “Lip Augmentation” procedure can be performed for correcting as well as treating lips’ cosmetic issues. The procedure results in plump, symmetrical and youthful appearance.

As a person ages, there is a decrease in the level of Hydraulic Acid, due to which there is fullness and loss of lip volumes.

During this procedure, a synthetic material or own fat will be injected in your lips. Usually, our surgeon will give just one injection as it is sufficient for producing the expected results.

There is no recovery or downtime involved in Lip Enhancement. Normal activities can be resumed very soon i.e. the next day itself. Our surgeon understands that it’s important to have proper placement of the material.

Here, at MedSpa, we customize the kind of lip augmentation you want, so that the best results can be yielded. During this consultation, our surgeon will thoroughly understand your goals.

You would be thoroughly examined by the surgeon, after which, recommendations will be made on the kind of lip enhancement that’s perfect as per your needs.

There are no risks involved in this procedure; since our surgeon will use your own fat or USFDA Synthetic Fillers for this procedure. Sometimes, contour irregularities may be there, but with time, they are resolved.

So, if you want to turn the dream of beautiful lips into a reality, this procedure is simply the best for you.

Contact us anytime with any questions you may have, or to schedule your confidential consultation for lip augmentation surgery in Delhi, lip augmentation procedure in India at affordable lip augmentation surgery cost in India by specialist lip augmentation cosmetic plastic surgeon in India.

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